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The new 10"/CD Battles Long Lost is out!
Have a look at the beautiful video made by Jonas Börjesson and listen to the four songs down below.


The new year is here and oh, it will be a good one I am sure. Two releases are planned and I am almost certain I will have the urge and opportunity to do a few more just for fun.

First out we have the 10"/CD EP Battles long lost due out in April. This will be followed by a tour with my new band the first nine days of May. Not all the dates are set yet, I put down the ones I have at the shows section and will keep adding as the booking continues.

In autumn I put out Ursa Minor, the fullength album I started recording last summer with the above mentioned band. Together with my friend Robert Hauspurg from Hamburg I have written string arrangements to be recorded with a quartet this spring. Can´t wait to have this put out!

Take care. Talk to you soon. /B


the tour is over since long and I say "thank you for coming". Thank you. I recorded a song that was released by german music magazine White Tapes. Listen to it here.

Other news as follows:

1. Groninger Museum has asked me to write a song for one of the paintings of their fall exhibition. The song will be included in the audio guide you can listen to while watching the exhibition. Also it will be on a compilation CD together with loads of other great musicians taking part in the project.

2. Friends in Germany will in the near future make a short film of a Thomas Bernhard play. I have agreed (I was NOT hard to convince!) to make the music for the film.

3. Early this summer JellyFant Records will re-release me 2010 mini-album Dackes Drabanter on CD. I am hoping to add a few new songs to the album and hope they will turn out nice.

4. Also. Of course. The new album will be recorded this summer. A full band has been scraped together and we´ll record ten days in the woods in southern Sweden. Yes.

All for now. Love. B.


Release tour Battles long lost 10" (All dates with band)

2015-05-01 DE Hamburg, Molotov
2015-05-02 DE Berlin, Schokoladen
2015-05-03 DE Chemnitz, Lokomov
2015-05-04 DE Jena, Café Wagner
2015-05-05 DE Leipzig, Kafic
2015-05-06 DE Giessen, Alte Kupferschmiede
2015-05-07 DE Köln, Weltempfänger Hostel
2015-05-08 DE Aachen, Raststätte
2015-05-09 DE Oberhausen, AKA 103


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This is a list of some of the things I have done. I bet there´s loads more.

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Fårö (Music video)
Video by Jonas Börjesson 2013.

Lonely Hunter (Live session)
Video by Jonas Börjesson 2013.

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